Recently I noticed some fungi show up on my Korean Hornbeam bonsai and I assumed they were a form of mycorrhiza fungi but was not 100% certain and whilst I was at the Arboricultural Association Conference at Reading I went to a great lecture by Ted Green who was discussing and sharing his ideas on mycorrhiza associations with tree roots.

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Akebia quinata is commonly called the Chocolate vine and is a climbing plant that is semi evergreen and a very vigorous grower. It has green leaves or leaflets in clusters with tendrils and develops chocolate purple flowers in the spring.

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This year so far has not produced great growing conditions for some species of tree, whilst others have flourished. In particular Korean Hornbeams have not produced the same level of growth as last year.

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This month was a photographic night and workshop and Reg Bolton kindly brought in his lights and Paul brought the back drop to enable the club members to photograph their bonsai trees. The evening was full of discussion and members shared views on how their trees have faired this year with such changeable weather conditions. Tree of the month was won by a stunning Korean Hornbeam (DH), in second place was a Cotoneaster over rock (SM) and in third place was a Deshojo maple (AW).



On Thursday the 27th Sept 2012, Reg Bolton and Paul Bowerbank will be on the radio, BBC Wiltshire are doing the 1200 – 1400 Graham Seaman show from Paul’s garden. They will be discussing bonsai trees and also the forth coming Winter Image show. For those out of the area, then if you want to listen you can do on line…… and if you miss it then they will do it on play back at

The poster says it all, a good show within the grounds of Capel Manor College, which has some lovely gardens and woodland to walk around.


Bonsai in Wales

It seemed well attended throughout the day at Bonsai in Wales this year, held in the Orangery within the beautiful gardens of Tredegar House, Newport. There was a good dose of Yew and Hawthorn on display and Kevin Wilson was demonstrating on a very large piece of yamadori.